From only 150K, buy now chocolate lipstick to look as “collective” as possible!

Do you want to update your chocolate lipstick soon?

It’s autumn, sweet, fresh candy tones gradually give way to warm, luxurious tones, and there is no better choice to greet autumn with a classic chocolate and lemongrass lipstick. If you are looking forward to picking up a “em” to collect for your lipstick cabinet, quickly scroll down, whether affordable or high-end prices are available for you to consider.

Romand Juicy Lasting Tint – 20 Dark Coconut: As a familiar face to students, thanks to its affordable price and commensurate quality, Romand deserves a place in your lipstick fortune. Belonging to the lip gloss line, it should have a certain moisture, keep the lips from drying out when used, the adhesion is relatively stable, still leave a pink base layer after you eat and drink and still have a light fruity scent. Color 20 Dark Coconut is a reddish-brown color, which is considered suitable for all skin types, especially dark skinned people.

Merzy The First Velvet Tint – màu V18 Diversity: Another bright character in the popular lipstick village is Merzy. The First Velvet series makes an initial impression thanks to its trendy red-brown ombre cover, then a soft, smooth lipstick that doesn’t weigh or reveal lips, but has the ability to keep the color extremely well. Color V18 – Diversity is described by the company as a personality choco brown, capable of brightening teeth and skin tones, suitable for use even without makeup.

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick – màu 927 Turn To The Left: Rated as one of the most matte lipsticks thanks to Dimethicone, but don’t be afraid that your lips will be heavy because the company still ensures a certain level of nutrition, helping the lipstick to get the standard color, smooth, and not dry. secrete lips for a long time. Color 927 – brown tones with a little red is one of the best-selling colors, loved by many women thanks to its ability to flatter the top of the tip, making the appearance more personal and attractive.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture – color 144 Shoreditch Walk: Don’t like lip gloss but also not interested in matte lipstick? Then the luxurious silver shell YSL stick with soft balm and moderate shine will surely make you satisfied. The lipstick when applied to the lips is described as melted butter, quickly covering the lips, creating coverage and making the lips visibly plump. Color 144 – Shoreditch Walk of western brown tones is considered the most beautiful color of this line, so you can rest assured to try it.

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte – màu Shawty: If you want to find a unique lipstick in both form and color, Fenty Beauty is not a bad choice. Mattemoiselle Plush Matte lipstick has a sturdy hexagonal outer shell but is covered with a sweet pastel pink color, inside is a fancy deep red chestnut brown color, just one go and the color is already on. standard, after 20 minutes start to set and hardly move much even if you often bite your lips. Is that “inviting” enough for you to spend?

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