Fashion week: Ngoc Trinh wore a super short skirt, Minh Hang wore a petticoat

Ngoc Trinh, Minh Hang, Le Quyen, Thuy Ngan selected sexy dresses that attracted the most attention last week.

Minh Hang is charming when wearing a petticoat

Possessing a sexy appearance, singer Minh always chooses a bra to show off her bare back. In the photo, Minh Hang likes to wear a sleek, wide-flap dress.

Like a Ngoc Trinh, Minh Hang is one of the beauties of Vietnamese showbiz often choosing overalls when traveling, taking photos of everyday life. In addition to bringing feminine pictures, the outfit enhances the charm of the wearer.

She also chose a camouflage shirt to cleverly combine with colorful skirt legs when performing photo shoots.

Ngoc Trinh wears a super short skirt to show off her body

Ngoc Trinh still retains the charisma of the “Queen of underwear” when choosing outfits that adorn her slim waist and long legs. In the past week, the beauty of Tra Vinh attracted attention when choosing super-short dresses with designs that hug the body curves.

Le Quyen is charming

In addition to her singing career, singer Le Quyen made the beauty of Vietnamese showbiz unable to help admire her stature “not the medium”. At the age of U40, the singer still retains a slim 58 cm waist. Knowing her strengths, Le Quyen showed off her figure.

During the past week, “Queen of the tea room” chose a stringed dress that hugged the curve.
Le Quyen thinks that, no matter what happens, women should take care of themselves and love themselves a lot.

Young Thuy Ngan distributes clothes on the street

Thuy Ngan made fans admire because of the way the outfit “transformed” from sexy to personality. One left is a whole rose tree with a croptop shirt and a short skirt and high heels featuring “banh beo”. She also takes advantage of the outfit to get a personality style when wearing a T-shirt and a jacket combined with strong jeans and sneakers.

Thuy Ngan attracted attention with sexy and stylish street fashion in the past week.

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