Fashion overwhelms the colleagues of Huong Giang Idol

She dressed in luxury, the total value of frost was almost equal to the house.

Huong Giang Idol is one of the queens mentioned many times in 2020 because of unwanted stories.

At the beginning of 2021, she continued to be ungrateful when she joined the transgender Miss and won the precious crown.

Besides being praised and admired, Huong Giang’s name is also associated with many negative and negative marketing.

Besides being praised and admired, Huong Giang Idol is name is also associated with many negative and negative marketing.

Jumping through the waves helps Huong Giang to be more mature, more careful in every statement or action.

Her wealth has earned her the nickname “a flower full of dollars” by the online community.

Huong Giang owns many expensive branded items, elegant fashion, attractive

Even many of the fashion models promoted by Huong Giang are surprisingly expensive.

The swimsuit models costing tens of millions of dong were also paid for by her.
From the shape to the color, they are much more eye-catching and attractive, with no uniformity compared to the other sister association.
Huong Giang’s designs should appear at fashion events, red carpet rather than television waves.
She always stands out and plays in outstanding colors, receiving a negative reaction from the TV audience.
Huong Giang usually invests more brand name goods every time he goes to events. There are sets of clothes that are worth up to 1 billion VND – the reason why the queen is called “covered in dollars”.
However, after all, Huong Giang gives the most beautiful words and feels the most seductive when wearing a white ao dai.

Huong Giang said that when he was a child, he was very pampered, he put a lot of hope in himself. But after Huong Giang expressed his intention to transgender, his father was very disappointed, suddenly there was a gap between the two of them. We live in the same house, but we avoid each other, we don’t even eat a meal together. In order to fulfill her wish, Huong Giang stole her father’s money, initially only a few papers thinking that he did not know and that he would give it back, but later on, the bad habit kept repeating itself to the point of Huong Giang. can not be controlled. Finally, Huong Giang was discovered by her father, he said: “Why? Are you the person I trust the most? “. Until now, he still kept the habit of calling Huong Giang by his real name (Ngoc Hieu).

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