Determined not to do “Lisa Vietnamese version” anymore, Paphatsorn has found a new color of love, now just waiting for the translation to end.

What hair color made Paphatsorn want to give up platinum blonde hair for so many years?

One of the sadness of the hair bleaching team this season is that black hair grows out without any way to go about it. For example, Paphatsorn, after only 2 months at home, her hairline has grown to 4-5cm. Looking at the 2-color hair, it looks like an eye, the top is black while the bottom is bright blonde hair.

Determined after the translation to go to “island of tiles”, Paphatsorn has found 2 new dye colors. And surprisingly, this time the female singer was no longer around platinum or light brown, but asked the audience to vote between orange yellow and red rose brown. Of course, these two colors only work on bleached hair, and any color is flattering, trendy, and luxurious.

More than that, red-brown is the hair color that the audience wants Tram to dye. That 50% difference is enough to see how people are interested in this hair color. Paphatsorn promised that when the epidemic ended, she would dye it, fans are looking forward to seeing her appearance with this hair color.

In the past, Paphatsorn has dyed many hair colors, from bright bleached tones like platinum or dark tones like black, deep brown… Although not exactly the same as the orange-yellow above, Paphatsorn also used to have pink orange hair. Perhaps, because of this, the audience is looking forward to seeing Tram dye a completely new hair color.

Paphatsorn with an orange-haired look looks luxurious, “fight” is a joke
Going to black hair, deep brown, the female singer looks so gentle

In recent years, Paphatsorn has always been loyal to platinum blonde hair. It is also because of this color that she is often referred to as “Lisa clone” or “Thailand version of Lisa”.

The article uses illustrations from ปภัสสรณ์ เหง้าชัยภูมิ’s fashion concept.

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