Cold sharpness or pure innocence suits Eye Anchalee, please judge justice công

Most recently, Eye Anchalee has officially become the first muse of the famous cosmetic brand Charlotte Tilbury in Korea. It seems that more and more, the actress is gradually getting rid of the label of “Song Hye Kyo copy”, successfully asserting her name with the blockbuster 19+ nevertheless. Eye Anchalee’s visual in the new set of photos makes netizens “brain explosion” because they don’t know which style is better.

One side is sweet and gentle with the main pink tone, the other side is sharp and salty with orange-brown tones, Han So Hee is really diverse. Using dark brown eyeshadow and earthy orange lipstick, the actress looks much cooler and more mature. Not only does it apply to the entire eyelid, the brown powder is also sharply outlined at the corner of the eye, making Eye Anchalee look attractive and stand out.

Pulling to the series of feminine “pinky” photos below, Eye Anchalee turned into a muse. Lightly curly hair, sparse bangs and gentle makeup tones really make the actress young, fresh, and sweet, just like the “sister next door”. Owning a pretty face, she doesn’t need to wear too much makeup, simply does a few basic makeup lines such as blush, eyeliner, eyelashes … but still beautiful and strangely attractive.

Although the issue of bangs or not is still controversial, but Eye Anchalee’s beauty in this picture is so beautiful that I want to scream.

Between sharp, salty and innocent, pure, which makeup style do you think Eye Anchalee is more suitable for?

Jieese Lee

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