Choosing a pair of clothes was difficult, now it’s even harder when the owner of this European dress shop falls in love with a girl with the standard height of an international model.

Meet the guy who loves the 1m77 model, behind the feverish retro-style photos is the story “I have nothing to wear!”

Each of us carries different DNA that makes each individual a unique individual, like no other. It is that interesting thing that is sometimes the concern of young people who are looking for harmony with the other half of their souls, or are still looking for common ground from daily dressing as a way to “mark their territory”. earth”.

So what to do if the “other half” lives thousands of miles away, and is so special from appearance to personality that I don’t know how to connect with each other through fashion? Today we will meet Duc Duy and Thu Huong – 2 young people who caused a “storm” of likes in a short time because of the classic couple photos.

Hello Duy and Huong! Your fashion style photos on social networks have reached tens of thousands of likes in a short time. What do you think makes your style attractive and makes netizens love it so much?

First of all, we want to thank everyone for their compliments and caring about the post. My name is Duy, at first we just wanted to share our style as well as a suggestion of outfits for couples in the community. Fortunately, the post received a lot of attention from people. After reading netizen’s comments, I think the reason for the attraction here comes from the careful preparation of each of our photos, from the costumes, emotions to the context, it will all be closely related. to each other. Both me and Huong want to build an elegant and natural image without being too colorful. In addition, it could also be because of our long distance love story.

It is known that both are in long-distance love, so every time they reunite, they spend time planning costumes. So does this work have a deeper meaning or is it simply for the two to have beautiful pictures?

Both of them work in fashion, so this planning is to build an image associated with each person’s fashion style. In addition, we have the same thought from the first days of love that if we both like fashion and care about looks, let’s create common points in the way we dress, this will be one of the ways to build affection and to save memorable moments for both of them later.

So what was the hardest thing about coming up with your couple outfit ideas?

In my opinion, the hardest thing is to find the touch point between the two styles. We have a bit of a difference in style so we won’t go this way because forcing one of us to follow the other is disrespectful to that person’s point of view.

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