Both Florida wore the same dress to show off their eye-catching body.

With the same super body, wearing the same dangerous dress, Florida has a muscle on Pu’s stool?

What is the day of the end of Miss N Covid in everyone’s heart, but in Florida’s heart will be the day she wears extremely dangerous cut-out dresses and drops her figure at sea. No longer a pepper model anymore, Florida is becoming more and more fiery, especially when wearing these cut-out outfits.

At close-up angles, Florida’s round 1 or round 3 are also very good, but joking, along with the way of mixing with boots of the same tone, she looks cool, cool, and hard to take her eyes off.

Possessing a “smug” body no less than any other model, Chi is getting more and more dressed these days. Just last week, people also saw her eye-catching in a see-through bra, but now she can admire that beauty but more pure and luxurious in the same bodycon design with Florida.

Drop a simple figure on the balcony, yet Chi still makes people “sobbing” with her body full of vitality. The high slit on the side and the delicate cut in the first round help the singer show off her hidden breasts. The closeness of the bodycon has done its job very well when showing Chi’s slim, round body.

However, what is the end of the day that Florida gives you a set of pictures when you go to the beach to look so good? The End of Covy Day is a trend organized by Kenh14, to encourage people to share what they want to do after the epidemic is over. Florida wants to hug and rush to the sea, how about you?

DAY OF COVY – a trend from!

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