Big thighs don’t worry about dressing badly because this girl has great body hacks by choosing the right clothes

Those who have big thighs but don’t know how to coordinate, learn this girl right away!

The pear-shaped, large-thigh body is probably one of the most common in Vietnam. Of course, this will hinder a lot in choosing clothes and sometimes cause you to give up one (several) favorite items. However, you can refer to Hanh Minh, a lovely girl with a pear-shaped figure, some ways to mix clothes to help enhance her figure!

Hanh Minh has an ideal height of 1m71, so even though her thighs are a bit big, she still looks very well proportioned. Minh shared that her friend’s current 3-round measurement is about 88 – 69 – 100.

The current style that Minh finds suitable for himself and has the highest applicability is the classic, preppy, sporty style. Minh shared that he will continue to try with more styles to satisfy his passion for fashion and fashion videos in the future.

The pear-shaped body will be round in the legs, so it is often difficult to buy pants, for example, choosing pants that fit the legs will widen the waist, if the waist is right, the legs will not fit, but it is not always satisfactory when taken to repair, sometimes lost shape. For this very “difficult” problem, Minh said that her friend will first try on a lot of clothes to find out what material and shape her body is most comfortable with and what shape, as well as what color shape. will overcome the weaknesses of the body, suitable for your skin tone.

For example, Minh usually doesn’t match beige, nude, and pastel colors, but he finds it very good to combine with neon colors. For those of you with a pear-shaped body, the advantage will be a small waist, culottes, high-waisted skirts/pants, A-line skirts, skinny jeans will be effective items that will both enhance your figure and hide it. big butt, thighs, calves. And vice versa, items like skinny pants, pencil skirts, long denim skirts or leather skirts will be more picky.

NgIn addition, using belts or accessories such as handbags as accents at the waist both helps you avoid being swallowed up by loose, flashy clothes and makes the outfit more prominent. If you are still having trouble shopping online, you can order basic items like pants and skirts. “And remember to consult friends who have the same shape as me to ask where they buy it, this is the fastest way” – Minh happily shared.

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