Autumn and winter shoe cabinet of stylish ladies

Let’s update some styles of autumn and winter shoes, friends.

Autumn and winter is probably the best time for us to wear classic and elegant items.
In addition to clothes, you also need to update that shoe cabinet.
Here are the 4 types of shoes that are worn by connoisseurs most every time in the fall, you can also refer to it!

In recent years, loafers have been enthusiastically promoted thanks to the strong return of Preppy, Soft girl and Highteen styles, the most prominent of which are Prada’s glossy leather loafers with the distinctive triangular logo.

This type of shoe is often seen in basic colors such as white, black and brown, has high applicability when combined with all styles, from “banh beo” with white skirt like Joy, strong denim like Bella
Hadid or gentle with cardigan like Selena Gomez are “okela”.
Her shoe cabinet is feminine, sweet and the lady must be hard to miss these shoes, right?
She has a modest height, so she chooses shoes with a height of about 3 – 5cm to “cheat” her body a bit, and also to increase flexibility when walking.

Compared to glossy or matte leather, suede or velvet material, especially black and burgundy red, is extremely flattering. When you put it on, the skin seems to glow right away, so pay attention to this point when choosing shoes.

And this is the core item of elegant and luxurious ladies.
Slingback shoes are varied with many different designs, such as open toe, pointed toe, square toe for you to choose from.
While the open-toed slingback will create a bit of liberality and novelty, the pointed nose evokes elegance and arrogance, the square nose is the perfect choice for those who love the classic and the basic.
This shoe style with a floral pattern maxi dress with deep colors like Tang Thanh Ha is also very good!

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