At home, you must also remove makeup thoroughly, otherwise your skin will hate you forever

And the most reasonable is still to buy makeup remover (Micellar Water) that is both gentle and helps to keep the skin clean, friends.

“At home, without makeup, there is no need to remove makeup” is the thought of many people.

But alas, this thinking is not only wrong but endlessly wrong. Because even if we don’t go out, our skin is still likely to come into contact with fine dust in the house, not cleaning it well is not good. In addition, if you use sunscreen in the morning but at night you still insist on not removing makeup, your skin will be very secret, acne will grow like rain, not kidding. So, give your skin a little love by cleaning it every day, even if you’re only at home.

However, instead of using heavy oil or makeup remover wax, use makeup remover (Micellar Water) to be gentle and still ensure maximum clean skin. Here are 3 super cheap but super good girls, worthy of the bright stars worth trying!

Garnier’s makeup remover is not to mention the popularity of cheap but good. Anyone who loves skincare knows that the pink cap version is always on the top of its bestseller list and is always praised as the best dupe of BIODERMA Sensibio H2O Micellar Cleansing Water. After that success, Garnier continued to improve and released other versions of makeup remover, with more outstanding features. For example, a gold-cap makeup remover with Vitamin C has recently appeared.

Still inheriting the essence of Garnier’s traditional Micellar Water formula, but this one is special in that it also contains Vitamin C in the composition. This means that in addition to helping the skin to be clean and moisturized, it also helps your skin to be brighter. Anyone with dark spots should definitely pay attention.

Also in the affordable price segment but with stable quality is L’Oréal’s makeup remover. This bottle has all versions from gentle cleansing, deep cleaning, moisturizing for you to choose, depending on your needs or skin condition. This makeup remover costs less than 200K but the cleaning ability is very good. Especially, after using it, the skin is not dry at all.

With this product, you should shake well before use so that the water layer and the oil layer blend together, helping to increase the cleaning ability!

A little higher than the other two, but still in the affordable price segment, suitable for students / students is La Roche-Posay’s makeup remover. It is known that this product is formulated with natural mineral water, so its ability to remove excess oil and dirt on the skin is very good. And of course, it does not cause dryness, so even if you have dry skin, sensitive skin, you can still use it.

That’s not to mention the neat design, which doesn’t take up too much space anymore, it’s well worth the investment!

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