Asked about Jack’s participation in Running Man Viet, how does Thuy Ngan respond?

The audience is still extremely curious about whether Jack will still participate in Running Man Vietnam season 2 after the shocking scandal.

The fact that Jack suddenly got into a series of shocking scandals has partly affected the image that male singer Hoa Hai Duong has built for a long time.

ThAfter declaring his self-cultivation, Jack also officially put aside all his musical activities. However, the fate of the guy in the upcoming reality show Running Man Vietnam season 2 has so far been left open.

It is known that Jack has filmed for a number of episodes in the first recording. When the show had a filming schedule in Korea, he got into a scandal and heard that he couldn’t participate in this business trip.

Many people are curious about Jack’s fate at Running Man Vietnam, but the owner has not yet answered, so his teammates in the show immediately fell into the spotlight. However, every program has a privacy mode, so artists cannot make statements that go beyond their limits. Specifically, Thuy Ngan refused to disclose when asked by an audience about Jack’s participation:

Thuy Ngan refused to disclose when asked about Jack’s participation

Will this pair of sisters reunite at Running Man Vietnam?

Meanwhile, China’s Running Man let “color” Lucas because of the scandal, netizens called the Vietnamese version: “When will Jack come?”

Netizen continued to suggest Running Man Vietnam to take strong action against Jack’s series of scandals.

Lucas (NCT/ WayV) is a fixed member of Keep Running – Running Man Chinese version 2 seasons 7 & 9. However, the male idol was caught in a series of noisy scandals, including being accused of defaming the show. that I join. Therefore, the Keep Running crew made a strong move to let Lucas “fly” on the cover photo of the fanpage, although he also took pictures with other members before.

Coincidentally, the Vietnamese version of Running Man Vietnam has also had a member involved in a serious scandal. Specifically, male singer Jack was exposed by a series of ex-girlfriends and he also had a child with hot girl Thien An. Jack has declared himself for a while, but his fate at Running Man Vietnam is still undecided.

Looking at the strong handling of your country’s crew with a member caught in a scandal, netizens immediately called out the name of the Vietnamese version, even tagging the fanpage:

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