A series of influencers have chosen The Light House to show off their mixing skills

Influencers are eager to dress up, eager to reintegrate into the community.

So it’s been 14 days since Saigon woke up, 11 days since The Light House officially started.
Young people from North to South are all shopping for themselves the best and most beautiful costumes for Back To Work, Back To Skul.
Hundreds of contests have been sent home, and thousands of trendy, “on trend” sets have been creatively modified by young people.
Without making everyone wait any longer, let’s take a look at the mix & match videos that are “better than distilled water” by influencers sent home below!
The famous lookbook model Ha Thanh – Yeollan quickly sent home a clip of the outfit to Back To Work.
Lan’s video revolves around neutral items: white, black, beige, dressed up to look luxurious, modern but no less sophisticated. Vote for Lan here, everyone!
@miemyii appeared on Light Up House, I Dressed Up with the message: “After a long 4-month break, I can finally dress up for work!
It’s only been a while.” She showed off her figure with a cheongsam, a modern padded shoulder blazer. Vote for Ha My here!
YouTuber @adriedrose is not out of the game either.
She appeared on The Lighthouse, I Dressed Up for Back To Skul with a very different, liberal, elegant style. Vote for Trang Tran here!
Still Back To Work, but @miao.daily chose a cute, fun style with a series of brilliant costumes to reintegrate into the community.
She quickly bought herself a series of hot items for autumn and winter: knee-high boots, cardigan crop top, sweatshirt… to look very attractive.

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