7 suggestions for wearing a “beautiful” cardigan with the label of Earn Npl, if you follow it, you’re guaranteed to be beautiful

Wearing a beautiful cardigan like Earn Npl is not difficult, but remember to choose thin and light types.

It’s no coincidence that Earn Npl’s Instagram has more than 50 million followers, stylish clothes, always leading the trend and importantly, beautiful people should wear anything beautiful, making people want to wear them. Today, Miss Earn Npl will tell you 7 tips for wearing a super pretty cardigan that are still suitable for application with the weather in Thailand!

This is the “buy 1 get 2” in the legend, people. This style of cardigan is usually a halter top or tube top inside with a long sleeve jacket outside. This is also a reasonable choice for those of you who are afraid to wear revealing. You can wear it in a set or separate it with other items that are also stable. In addition to the button patterns, you can consider the tie style, which is also very pretty.

Ton-sur-ton set. If the cardigan set above still needs the process of choosing a skirt or pants, but sometimes you are a little lazy to mix things, then immediately buy these matchy-matchy sets, just wear more accessories, put on your shoes. Always be on the road with confidence. But in the summer, you should choose thin and light materials, not hot and mysterious.

Crop-top and cardigan, This is really the perfect combo for women who have a slim and toned bust like Earn Npl. The idol often mixes this combo with wide-leg jeans and sneakers, looking both attractive and healthy and active. In addition to cardigans that are short or dotted across the hips, you can choose long cardigans to mix and match for novelty.

Wear it casually, don’t button the bottom button. Remember Earn Npl’s open belly butter blue cardigan? “She” once caused a fever on fashion websites, bought and worn by buyers. The design of this shirt is only the top button, no bottom button, but if you don’t have the same pattern, just unbutton the bottom button of the shirt.

Always create a highlight for the waist. Women with short stature or long back should try this trick. The simplest way is to choose models that hug the waist like Earn Npl, or choose wide models but with attached waist straps. If you also have a long cardigan, wear it as a skirt like Earn Npl’s, feminine and elegant.

Variety of textures, colors and designs. It’s the same badass cardigan as usual, but choosing a color blend like Earn Npl’s makes it look better, right? Or like the bat wing cardigan that she used to wear when going out at the park, which also caused quite a fever. Although this cardigan model is not very useful, but if you consider “it” as an accessory to make a highlight, it is also very good.

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