6 mistakes mixing autumn and winter clothes

Being short is not a crime, but if you make these 6 mistakes of mixing autumn and winter clothes, your crime is a bit “missing”.

A few small changes in the way of mixing clothes, but will make your fall and winter 2021 and even your next years more perfect!
Not being endowed with the height of a model by God, many “jackfruit seed” women are still gifted with confidence in their natural body by nature.
But confidence will not help women honor their inherent beauty if it is not accompanied by knowledge of fashion.
Here are 6 mistakes that are very common in the “dwarf mushroom” girls in the winter.
2022 is almost here, if you don’t improve, how long are you going to wait?
A long skirt is a good item to keep warm in the cold winter, but it is not the treasure of “dwarf mushrooms”, regardless of whether it is a skirt or a skirt.
The length of the skirt can make the wearer appear shorter, while creating an asymmetrical proportions between the upper and lower body.
Similar to the neck, if you do not have a relative height or have an elegant three-way neck, you should skip the turtleneck.
Meanwhile, short skirts are considered the savior of the “three meters broken in half” association.
Knee-length skirts are not only flattering, but also make your legs look longer

In the past few years, loose pants like boyfriend jeans or baggy have suddenly become especially popular with women around the world, but unfortunately, this is not a suitable outfit for short and light girls because they often make the legs look shorter.

Especially with the pants that are too loose and too wide
Therefore, girls with modest height will be more suitable with tight pants.

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