5 high-end lipsticks for autumn, really expensive but the quality is impeccable

From time to time, generously invest in yourself a high-end lipstick, my friend.

Autumn is approaching, in addition to clothes, have you prepared to refresh your lipstick cabinet? If you still haven’t found a lipstick color you like, let’s take a look at 5 genuine high-end lipsticks, worth buying for the fall of 2021!

Yves Saint Laurent The Slim Velvet Radical Matte Lipstick – about 900k

Right from the black outer shell, it evokes a feeling of luxury, right? Still continue to promote the smooth, velvety lipstick and square beveled tip, convenient for evenly spreading lipstick. Because it is a semi-matte texture, the lipstick on the lips will not completely dry but still have a certain smoothness, in addition, the company also adds many nutrients, so we do not have to worry about dry lips, clumping. Color 302 – Brown No Way Back, an earthy pink tone will be very suitable for girls who like that femininity and sweetness.

NARS Air Matte Liquid Lipstick – price about 600k

Fall is coming, you must have a warm lipstick in hand, and the most perfect choice is none other than Nars’ warm orange-brown Thrust lipstick. This “em” suits Asian yellow skin very well, so don’t worry about dull skin. With a smooth matte finish, you can apply the way to fill the lip line to add a beautiful, blurred effect. In general, if you like Western-American makeup, just go with this one.

Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Power Lipstick – price about 900k

One of the best-selling colors of this lipstick line is color 504 with a very loose name – Flirt. However, this color is a deep pink, so it will look mature and seductive, not youthful. With just one application, the lipstick is already on the standard color so unless you want to wear heavy makeup then add more, otherwise just one layer is fine.

Hermes Rouge Hermes Matte Lipstick – price about 2000k

Unlike other regular lipsticks, Hermes’ lipstick has a fancy white – black – gold color combination, the lid has a magnet so every time it closes, a “click” sound will be heard. At first glance, the lipstick seems matte but when it glides on the lips, it is smooth, wherever the lip grooves will be filled. The color adhesion of “em” is also very good, eating a lot still leaves a pretty clear base layer. Color 85 Rouge H in plum red tone will be the choice to help increase your lemongrass, trendy look. In addition, the lipstick also has the scent of the company’s signature sandalwood, arnica and angelica.

Too Faced Lady Bold Em-Power Pigment Lipstick – price about 450k

This is a brand new lipstick line of Too Faced and will officially air on September 3. This “em” has a pink outer shell, a mirror cover, so it will stick to quite a bit of fingerprints. According to the company’s description, this lipstick has the ability to stick to color for up to 12 hours, does not reveal lip prints, is easy to color after only a few applications and does not cause heavy lips. In which the color Be Truth To You, a brick red tone is considered friendly and flattering, can be used every day.

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