2021 already, why are we still arguing about tattoos?

When we are more absorbed in arguing about tattoos than in the empty schoolyard story with a teacher quietly standing on the podium on the first day of school, many people are heartbroken to know what young people really care about.

On this year’s day of the whole nation sending children to school, parents quietly took their children from the bed, the kitchen to the study table, sat neatly in front of the computer and prepared for the online opening ceremony.

Luong The Vinh school yard on the morning of September 5, 2021, like all other school yards in Hanoi, was quiet. The image of Vice Principal Van Thuy Duong standing on the podium speaking in front of an empty space evokes many indescribable emotions, an unprecedented image.

But contrary to the lonely image, that bass is a “wave” on social networks with an unexpected debate.

If you look closely at the back of Ms. Van Thuy Duong’s neck, you will see a tattoo. That was the beginning of the explosion on many Facebook communities.

It’s 2021, why are we still arguing about tattoos?

Why are women with tattoos bad?

And why do tattoo teachers make so many people uncomfortable?

The history of Asian, African and Vietnamese countries is full of stories related to tattoo culture. It is an art, a symbol, a way of the ancients to communicate or convey messages to the outside world. However, before the wave of Western culture followed the colonists to Asian and African countries, the practice of tattooing – which was not common in European countries, was clothed with layers of meaning. dark, unsuitable for modern life, remnants of obsolescence. Since then, tattoos have gradually not been received positively, associated with the negatives in society. In short, that’s how tattoos are “bleached” according to the new standard.

Women – especially Asian women, have always been associated with traits such as passive, timid, submissive. When tattooing in the new world is associated with rebellion, it is considered that a woman’s tattoo is associated with a spirit of protest, going against the traditional values ​​that are imposed on women more than men. . Men with tattoos can be seen as strong, but women with tattoos will be “the type of woman who is demanding, spoiled.” Surely you will not forget the legendary meme story of a young tattooed girl walking on the street of lanterns and receiving a pout from an elderly woman a few years ago. To solve the problem of tattoos, especially for women, not only is it necessary for society to accept tattoos as an art form or symbol, it also needs a more blurred, more correct view of women. female.

What about female teachers? They are subject to three layers of prejudice about having a tattoo: As a tattooist, as a tattooed woman, and as a tattoo teacher.

Society always has a strict view of professions that they think need higher ethics than other professions, including teachers or doctors. It is easy to see when teachers have anything that is “out of standard” that will be put on the media. However, is there any “ethical” issue here with tattooing and is it a violation of any code of ethics for tattoo teachers?

Tattoos often make many people, especially the previous generation, associate negative things when people often see images of criminal gangs, addicts appearing in movies, books with tattoos. The value of tattoos lies in the symbolism, some people will choose symbols to convey negative messages, but conversely, there are symbols that carry positive messages. A knife in the hands of a chef will be different from a knife in the hands of a criminal and so is a tattoo, no one can judge a person with a tattoo without knowing the story behind their life.

The concept of swapping is also used by many people when it is said that if teachers do not set an example, students cannot be banned from tattooing. Many schools have a policy on students’ tattooing not because they think tattoos are bad, but because it is an act that requires a certain maturity to make a decision because it is not easy to remove a tattoo as well as a tattoo. Tattoos are often symbolic of feelings or thoughts. Choosing the wrong tattoo can sometimes affect the point or message that is internalized in each student. For teachers, they are old enough and capable of taking responsibility for their own choices.

Of course, accepting that it’s normal for teachers to have a tattoo is not the same as challenging the opinion of society, especially when many parents of the 7x, 8x generations are still not real. open to the above thought. A tattoo on the back of the neck that is not easily recognizable, which can be concealed with hair down is a reasonable courtesy in an educational setting, not because they think it is inappropriate or wrong to get a tattoo, but because they have respect for parents, students and colleagues.

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